About us

Our Philosophy

No one chooses where they are born.

Being born in this country leaves us a lot to consider;

what kind of society do we want to build,

and what kind of people do we want to be

We are “Cambodians”.

We choose to be proactive, we want to create a future for this country

This is not the time for cold indifference ,

but for warmth and compassion

Not a heartless endeavor,

but an outpouring of love for the natural beauty of Cambodia


Creating products which help you realize what it means to be yourself

To help Cambodians be the protagonists developing a future for this country , I felt that what I can do as a woman is give other disadvantaged women an opportunity to prove their worth and equality towards men.

Traditionally it is the duty of women to raise children and do housework , but we aspire through our products to help customers as well as our employees to break free from the roles assigned to them by society and truly be them selves.

Today, these Cambodians who have risen up against the constraints of society are using 100% Cambodian materials to make quality handmade goods one by one.