About us

What we do

No one chooses where we are born and what family we are born with. From the hardship we have seen of the communities, children keen to pursue their education but their parents are not affordable to support them.
Rokhak is a business based-sustainable development, started in mid-2016 by HOR Sounsrors, a woman with the empowering image to make other women overcome disadvantage as well as the mothers themselves to send their children to school.

Meet the Founder

Sounsrors envisions this Rokhak business to enhance the children to better their education through the mother. She drives the mother by giving them the opportunity to have a job by making the Water Hyacinth products, resulting they will have the power to lift themselves out of poverty to create the value of living and more importantly to be stress-free in terms of making money decisions for their families now and the future.

Archieving Our Purpose

We use the combination of the business based-sustainable development, preserve the weaving culture together with the Khmer traditional material as design to introduce. We engage in support of the communities, provide training every time we develop the new product design.
We understand the importance, the ability to develop a skill, heart to try something also generating income that they will be apart to support the family.


Women in the community have little power to voice within their husbands, living as depending on their husband’s income only.